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SUAN Conceptual Design GmbH
Güterstrasse 233, 4053 Basel, Switzerland, 
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A brand revolution.
Rebranding for Derendinger.

The brands Derendinger, Technomag, E. Klaus, Normauto and Matik, which belong to the Swiss Automotive Group (SAG), are shifting up a gear together and joining forces under the new Derendinger brand. This has resulted in a completely new brand world.

ERP and consulting.

Twio helps companies to digitize, streamline and automate processes in a meaningful way. In order to grow as a company and actively pursue employer branding, Twio wanted a brand with character. 

Coop Restaurant.
New website for the gastronomy of Coop.

Coop Restaurant enlisted the expertise of Suan to redesign the central website for all Coop restaurants. The goal was to inject more emotion, appeal, and simplicity into the site in order to draw in more visitors and showcase previously overlooked offers. 

Branding for the industrial designers.

Layercake consists of professional creatives and experience-oriented entrepreneurs. Their core competence lies in the materialization of three-dimensional volumes, made from two-dimensional unfoldings. Their architectural-looking corporate design plays with the strict geometric shapes common to Layercake’s products. Like many other cool things, Layercake – and also their branding – was born out of a mixture of passion, dedication, friendship and optimism.

Ethelred AG.
Rebranding for integrated time management.

Ethelred AG is a company active throughout Europe in the field of time management. With complex and tailor-made software solutions, it can cover demanding needs as well. Its e3 product is being strongly linked to the umbrella brand through rebranding.

Rebranding for the publishing house.

The renowned book and games publisher Helvetiq refreshed its corporate identity with Suan to suit its target group. A typeface designed especially for Helvetiq significantly shapes the company's appearance.

You Are We.
Branding for enthusiasts.

You Are We offer business development and consulting on digital business models in the insurance sector. Their offering is novel and digital and should be perceived as such. We accompanied the branding from the claim, to the stationery, to the web design.

Salina Helvetica.
The experience brand of the Swiss Saltworks.

The Bex, Riburg and Schweizerhalle saltworks joined forces in 2014 under the name “Schweizer Salinen” (Swiss Saltworks). To give the general public more insight into the history and current extraction of Swiss salt, a separate brand was created for the tourism offers of the Swiss Saltworks.

Merian Gardens.
Graphic Design for the Christoph Merian Foundation.

The Merian Gardens on the outskirts of Basel offer not only plant topics, but also restaurants, a museum and other places worth visiting. Suan designed the garden guide to bring these special features to the attention of their visitors.

It could be an anniversary.
Book design with Artachment Art Space Basel

The Basel exhibition space brings together all its exhibitions and artists to date in a jubilee publication. 

Let go!
Exhibition for SENS eRecycling.

As part of the campaign "Let go! – Reuse recyclables instead of wasting them" campaign, we designed the informative exhibition in the recycling container for Sens eRecycling in collaboration with Layercake. 

Bold code. Kind people.

youEngineering took the timing of their company’s relocation from Liestal to Basel as an opportunity to translate their branding out of the everyday mush and into a bolder and more contemporary approach.

Pantex AG.
Rebranding for the security industry.

Pantex AG is the up-and-coming security company from Northwestern Switzerland. With the goal of becoming the number 1 in the region, Pantex AG commissioned Suan to further develop the already conceived mission statement and brand strategy and to completely revise the corporate design.

Daylight Symposium.
Graphic design for the event of HSLU and Velux Switzerland.

With the Daylight Symposium, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts established a platform for daylight in cooperation with Velux Switzerland.

MS Evolutie.
Lettering and graphics for a ship.

The MS Evolutie is a vintage cargo ship for art, theater and culture. Originally from Rotterdam, the retired freighter is usually anchored in Basel and invites to various events. 

Perrig AG.
Corporate identity for the trust company.

Through continuous training of employees and the integration of the latest digital tools, the family business always stays up to date. To ensure that their appearance and website also keep up with this principle, Perrig commissioned Suan to redesign their corporate identity.

Experience the Herbstmesse.
550 years of the Basel Herbstmesse.

In the fall of 2020, SUAN Conceptual Design was invited to participate in a competition organized by the canton of Basel-Stadt to present ideas for a playful and educational way of communicating the traditions of the Basel Herbstmesse. The concept called “Experience the Herbstmesse” convinced.

Sound Scenography.
Book design for Idee und Klang.

A book that sounds! On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Idee und Klang Audio Design, a publication has been created that is dedicated to sound scenography and at the same time reflects the work of the studio.

Code of Conduct.
Visual appearance for the University of Basel’s collaboration culture.

The University of Basel is committed to creating a pleasant working environment for all employees and students. The Code of Conduct textualizes the values for respectful cooperation at the university. 

Branding for the design studio from Lucerne.

Niuform is the studio for product and furniture design from Lucerne. The designer duo combines an organic, contrasting design language with natural materials and regional production. Suan incorporates these aspects in the new branding of Niuform. Organic, changeable forms create a clear contrast to the constructed typography.

OCC Assekuradeur.
Rebranding for the insurance expert.

OCC is the biggest expert for the coverage of classic vehicles in the DACH region. With specialized insurance solutions and a history of over 30 years, OCC is an important part of the German-speaking classic-car scene.

Anniversary campaign SENS City.
30 years of eRecycling.

SENS eRecycling celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2020. Since in spring 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was suddenly no longer possible to hold face-to-face events, Suan took advantage of the situation and developed “SENS City” – an interactive tour through Switzerland.

Rebranding for the regional network provider.

In 2002, interGGA, which is owned by the networks it serves, was founded with the aim of providing the residents of the participating municipalities with innovative cable services at a reasonable price and to support the municipalities and the network operators in the face of increasing complexity.


Text correction with style.
Corporate design for Rotstift AG.

SUAN supported Rotstift AG with a brand strategy workshop and the subsequent rebranding in web and print as it entered the digital age. Now the friendly experts behind the scenes become visible. A clear, minimal design language as well as fresh colors and the clever use of typography provide the long-established company with new charisma.

Augusta Raurica.
Signage in the museum.

The entire entrance area of the Augusta Raurica Roman Museum in Augst has been redesigned. In order to improve the visitor guidance, SUAN was commissioned to design a new signage system and corresponding inscriptions.

b50 – Established in 1971.
Anniversary gin of JCI Basel.

For its 50th anniversary, the Young Basel Chamber of Commerce (Junior Chamber International) has come up with something special. In cooperation with the Basel based gin producer “nginious!”, a special gin was distilled, limited to 100 bottles.

Night of the Young Leaders.
Branding for the new young business event.

The “Night of the Young Leaders” is the annual event for young entrepreneurs, managers and decision-makers in business and politics under 40 in Northwestern Switzerland and beyond.

Social integration in the museum space.
Book design for Julia Büchel.

The dissertation of Julia Büchel deals with the emergence of and demands for social responsibility and integration in museums and exhibitions. 

Annual program 18/19.
Black Forest Percussion Group.

For the Black Forest Percussion Group, season 2018/19, we not only developed a program brochure, but also a system for lifting posters and flyers for the individual performances from the annual program.

Logic of Life.
Graphic design for the University of Zürich.

The University of Zurich is launching Logic of Life, an initiative for a Swiss competence center in the field of life sciences. The animated and reduced graphic design was done after a detailed inspection of the visualized research material.

Gilliéron honey.
Labels for a local beekeeping.

For the small but excellent beekeping Gilliéron based in the Gundeli district in Basel, SUAN designed a new label and packaging. The letter “G” taken from the name combines itself with the illustration of a bee – creating a strong graphic element.

Improving Life.
Branding and webdesign for the biotech company certus diagnostics.

SUAN was commissioned to make a statement with the development of the new branding and to catapult certus on par with the big names in the industry. This is achieved through a direct, provocative corporate language and a loud, high-contrast corporate design.

Tourist signage.
New road signposts for Baselland.

The good old cherry tree, which welcomed visitors to the canton of Basel-Landschaft, has had its day. SUAN has won the competition to design the new signs for the tourist signage for the canton Basel-Landschaft.

Equality and diversity.
Graphic design for the University of Basel.

In the course of renaming the Department of Equal Opportunities to Diversity, SUAN designed a variable, fresh key visual that blends in perfectly with the corporate design of the university.

Best selection since 1837.
Corporate design for Wieland AG

Redesign for Wieland AG, the oldest independent wine, beverage and spirits retailer in the canton of Graubünden. The company, which used to call itself Kellerei Wieland, prepares for a generational change sooner or later. Therefore this moment was well chosen to review their brand values ​​and redefine their corporate design by focusing on their almost 200-year-old tradition and commitment to the region.

Signer / Thylacine.
Graphic design for the Artachment.

Posters and flyers for the anniversary exhibition at Artachment including Roman Signer and the artist duo Thylacine.

New voting brochure.
Editorial design for the canton of Basel-Stadt.

In June 2018, we won the competition of the canton of Basel-Stadt for the redesign of the cantonal voting brochure with a convincing concept. The new editorial design places special emphasis on clarity, reader guidance and accessibility.

Let’s go beyond.
Campaign and web design for Juice Plus+

Development of an online campaign for Juice Plus+, a manufacturer of nutritional supplements. By developing a dynamic and relevant brand, Juice Plus+ has the opportunity to present itself in a completely new way, strengthening relationships with its franchise partners and customers.

Tradition in the second generation.
Corporate Design for Ellinghaus & Söhne.

In close cooperation with the carpenter, we have created a visual identity that emphasizes craftsmanship and wood as a material. Old, almost forgotten skills, such as the restoration and renovation of ancient surfaces and the processing of old building material, form the essence of the new look.

Creating housing together.
Branding and web design for wgn.

Development of the new branding for Wohnbau-Genossenschaft Nordwest. By putting the value “collectively” at the core of the brand and defining the target groups, it became clear that a shift to a friendly, lively corporate design was due, which would appeal to building owners as well as a down-to-earth, mixed target group.

Artwork for the musician Guy Mandon.

With much pleasure and in close cooperation with the musician, we designed Guy Mandon’s record cover “Stream” and visuals for the singles “Kokosfett”, “Lueg Doch Gnau” and “Memoryboy”.

eRecycling for Switzerland.
Branding and Web design for the Sens Foundation.

The Sens Foundation is an independent, neutral and charitable, non-profit organisation and operates under the Sens eRecycling brand. SUAN was commissioned by Sens to simplify the existing visual identity and increase the concision of the logotype.

Innovation in the insurance industry.
Corporate design for Creadi AG.

Since the InsurTech industry offers a lot of potential for digital transformation and can benefit from a breath of fresh air, SUAN presents a corporate design that is intuitively linked to these values. As a developer platform and recruiter, Creadi is the innovative force of the industry.

We turn the table upside down.
Corporate design for the event agency aufgetischt.

The motto “We turn the table upside down” takes priority in the design. This creatively playful mood is transported in the corporate design via illustrations and a script, which expresses the vigor of the team also visually. A touch of vintage clings to the appearance, which is taken up again in the materiality of the correspondence.

Moments of light.
Corporate design for Reto Häfliger.

The Lucerne-based light scientist Reto Häfliger works in the field of lighting design, photography with natural light and light research. The subject of light has accompanied the trained lighting technician, photographer and industrial designer for many years. The reduced corporate design unites these various activities under the common denominator moments of light.

Your real estate expert since 1912.
Branding and web design for Deck AG.

For the many years of experience to be reflected in a contemporary appeareance, SUAN was commissioned to sharpen the corporate design strategically – without losing the recognition built up over many years. This was achieved by the reduction of design elements and the fundamental revision of all touchpoints.

Crime Scene Sustainability.
Graphic design und key visual for the University of Basel.

The University of Basel organized the “Crime Scene Sustainability” as part of the think-ahead weeks in spring. SUAN conceptualized the visual appearance, which came into play particularly in exhibitions, posters, flyers, programs and invitations. The key visual amplifies the term “crime scene” and is transferred into the room via crime scene tape and floor stickers.

Close the circle.
Campaign for Sens eRecycling.

With the core message “close the circle”, the foundations SENS and SLRS promote more solidarity with manufacturers and importers who support the eRecycling cycle via the advance recycling fee (ARF).

eWaste Forum.
Key visual for Swico and Sens eRecycling.

SUAN devised the corporate design for the forum, which took place in the new building of the Landesmuseum Zurich. The logo as well as the key visual consist of the e for electrical and incorporate the topic of recycling with counterrotating arrows. Imagery, invitations, posters and web design were given a new look.

kreaB – Tour de Création.
Corporate Design for the Association of the Creative Industries Basel.

Basel enjoys a high reputation among those interested in culture. The city is an attractive location for actors in all creative fields. SUAN created the corporate design, web design, key visuals and more for kreaB and the event Tour de Création.

Skyvell – natural fresh air.
Branding for ACAT.

Skyvell is the new own brand of Applied Chemicals International. Skyvell – natural fresh air: We accompanied the branding of this innovative odor neutralizer, from naming, claiming and corporate design to imagery and illustrations.

Brand Impact.
Corporate Design for Bury|Walz.

In close cooperation with BURY | WALZ, SUAN reworked their corporate identity and designed the striking brand, emphasizing the “brand impact” by applying a vertical red line. The division of the two names by this bar defines a generous white space around the logotype.

Future rooted in tradition.
Book design for Gärtnermeister beider Basel.

The master gardeners of Basel dedicated a jubilee publication to their 125th anniversary. The book titled “Future rooted in tradition” is all about the history and the most important events of the association. 

Corporate design for the educational landscape Bläsi.

School can not teach children and adolescents everything they need for a self-determined and successful life. For this reason, school and non-school institutions network in the Basel educational landscapes and work together.

End of Holocene.
Artwork for the band END.

The end of the Holocene marks a turning point in the history of the earth. Humankind has long dominated the planet and changed it. The Swiss band END approaches this theme in a mystical way and captivates the listener with a grainy, dense sound in “End of Holocene”. The outwardly simple visuals for the individual songs are based on a complex synthesis.

Basel we are living you!
Corporate design for localholic.

Localholic is the new city experience in Basel. The versatile tours show the city from a completely new side. The logo design took place after a productive value workshop and takes up the motto and the concept of the community as well as the collective path. The color concept stretches through all media and applications, for example through the well-made illustrations by Daniel Zeltner.

Study program Cultural Management.
Key visual for the University of Basel.

SUAN created SKM’s new key visuals used in layout, advertising and the web and designed the brochures that explain the current course offerings. The carefully selected subjects are symbolically based on the theme of the respective study program.

Graphic design for the Black Forest Percussion Group.

For their tenth performance, the Black Forest Percussion Group sought a visual equivalent of Steve Reich’s longest-running composition, Drumming. SUAN not only designed the live visuals, but also a poster, postcard and booklet.

Advertising campaign for GGG Kulturkick.

Design of a cross-media campaign that encourages young adults to submit their cultural project. To this end we show four ambassadors, actually sponsored cultural activists. Authentic people with projects in music and art known in Basel. The portrayed people seem surprised by the unexpected funding decision. Provocatively, their mouths are stuffed with money.

Seal of approval: Think further ...
Graphic design for the University of Basel.

“THINK FURTHER ...” should motivate people to sustainable thinking, planning and consequently action at the University of Basel. The seal of approval was developed in collaboration with the Department of Sustainability for projects and actors on campus, in teaching and research. It symbolizes “lateral thinking”, is upwards and forward-looking and also works in spaces.

Space, scenography and object.
Corporate design for kpunktnewton.

Interior designer Katherine Newton wanted a corporate design that, on the one hand, had a concise effect, but on the other hand also provided a simple stage for the look of raw materials such as wood, cardboard and copper.

Social report.
Imagery for the canton of Solothurn.

The abstracted images show everyday situations and give the viewer an insight into private spaces. The main actors, representing the inhabitants of the canton, appear as depersonalized white silhouettes in the image sequence.

People of the Stream’s Mouth.
Artwork for the band END.

In the development process of the visual identity for the album and tour “People of the Stream’s Mouth” of indie group END, we involved the band itself.

The Basel design collective.
Corporate Design for elegant querulant.

The corporate design for the design collective elegant querulant, consisting of eight designers from four different disciplines, plays with the contrasts that are already laid out in the name.

The water cycle.
Graphic design for the Forum Trinkwasser.

With this label suggestion of SUAN and the illustrated infographic, which schematizes the water cycle, the sustainable use of the resource drinking water should be stimulated. Not only does the cycle relate to the natural source of our water, it also illustrates the aspect of cyclical renewal, with a reference to sustainability as well.

Hello World.
Graphic design for the FHNW.

ISMAR is an expert conference on augmented reality traveling across the continents. We developed a corporate design that does justice to both the technical and design aspects of the topic as well as representing the host country Switzerland. Within the design concept of the layout, we use well-known rendering techniques from the early days of the PC boom.

Integrative design concept.

The shaping of the acoustic: How can the morphing of content through different stages bring the designer to new formal approaches? For the piece Music for 18 Musicians by Steve Reich, a series of experiments has been created that allowed different approaches and attempts to unite.

More than just blondes in Volvos.
Book design for Skan Grafik.

Skan Grafik is the first detailed report on the design scene in Scandinavia. For a long time the Northern Europeans have been pioneers: in the last millennium the Vikings traveled the oceans, today their system furniture is represented in every European living room.

Passages Cologne.
Graphic design for Querverweise.

Querverweise were part of Passages Cologne 2011. As a symposium with exhibition rooms, they provided a platform for product and furniture designers.

Masterstudio Design.
Graphic design for the FHNW.

This mailing was sent to interested parties as an information package. In addition to two postcards it includes an object-like folded information leaflet which, once unfolded, reveals the illustration. The illustration captures the concept of the degree program and depicts its structure on the basis of a building roofed by the Masterstudio Design.

Defective Vending Machine.
Artwork for The Hoanhiêu.

For the analog electronic music piece “Defective Vending Machine” by the Basel-based band The Hoanhiêu a Super 8 film, CD case, booklet and poster was created.

The imagery of Heavy Metal.
Book design for Harte Klänge.

There is a myth about the being or nonbeing of a metal fan, though this work does not refer to any Shakespearian tragedies, but to the lifelong relationship of many metal fans to their music.

Collaborative urban development.
Graphic design for the FHNW.

The symposium deals with the processes of urban development. Using the example of the Basel Dreispitz area, a former warehouse complex, processes are analyzed and the needs of the population made visible. In order to draw attention to the event within the context of the university, we symbolically visualize the effects of concentration in urban space.

At home abroad.
Branding for Domicile.

Hospitality for business customers: The rebranding for Domicile combines an inviting visual world with a memorable character.

Poster series.
Graphic design for The Hoanhiêu.

Poster series and imagery for the first album of the band The Hoanhiêu (now Cinder Tapes).

Breakfast by bike.
Corporate design for Brötlikurier.

A breakfast delivery is not only worth a mint on Sundays. The “Flying-Gipfeli”, as we like to call the beloved signet, immediately points out what is meant: croissants at lightning speed. A friendly, knobbly font and a warm shade of Pantone gold create the link to fresh, fragrant, golden brown pastries.

On the tracks.
Graphic design for the association Stellwerk.

On the tracks is a small festival which sets thinking and feeling in motion. The visitor can expect a scenery amidst the blooming garden behind the Stellwerk Bahnhof St. Johann.

Na dann Prost.
Illustration and book design.

This witty wine book teaches an elderflower tea drinker or even a pot-bellied beer drinker all about the tastiest drink in the world, wine.

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