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Corporate design for Wieland.

Wieland AG is the oldest independent wine, beverage and spirits dealer in the canton of Graubünden. Culinary delights, tradition and the connection to the homeland make the family business in its sixth generation. The company, which used to call itself Kellerei Wieland, sooner or later prepares for a generation change. Therefore, the time was well chosen to review its brand values ​​and redefine its corporate design by focusing on its almost 200-year-old tradition and commitment to the region.


Brand strategy
Name creation
Brand design
Corporate Design
Editorial design
Interaction design

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Brand strategy

In collaboration with the text and concept forge, SUAN eloquently developed proposals for a brand strategy adapted to new needs. After editing the brand architecture, the name of the Graubündner family business was standardized and the appearance of two different brands ended.

In addition, the logo was redesigned with respect to the new brand values ​​and now corresponds more to the traditional home-bound brand. We have carefully matched the white spaces and proportions of the individual elements. According to the strategy, the red color disappeared from the logo and made room for a very clear, color-reduced design.


The imagery on an image-level makes use of mystical landscapes from Graubünden. The intentionally chosen cutouts set just as fine color accents as the high-quality, dyed paper that is used in print media. Together with macro shots of materials such as wood and stone, this results in a close-to-nature picture. These materials are also being included in product photography.

Letterheads and Editorial Design

The large-scale macro images of the materials complement each other with the open-pored, rough paper and ensure a holistic experience. For this purpose, through-colored papers are combined. Generously used white space in the editorial design forms an exciting counterpoint and creates a balanced appearance in combination with the image surfaces.

"What has remained is our independence, our sense of family and the joy of wine with everything that goes with it." Family Wieland

Web Design

Without affecting the structure of the website and the functional structure of the webshop, the new design elements and the visual world could be consistently extended to web design.


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