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SUAN Conceptual Design GmbH
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Tradition in the second generation.
Corporate design for the carpentry Ellinghaus & Söhne.

Ellinghaus & Söhne is dedicated to the preservation of antique pieces of furniture and the processing of historic timber in the second generation already. With the transfer of the company from father to son, an extensive reorientation of the company was combined with a revision of the visual identity.

The focus is now clearly on the core competencies which are visually underlined. Ellinghaus & Söhne – living wood. In close cooperation with the carpenter, we have created a visual identity that emphasizes craftsmanship and wood as a material. Old, almost forgotten skills, such as the restoration and renovation of ancient surfaces and the processing of old building material, form the essence of the new look.


Brand strategy
Corporate design
Editorial design
Web design







The imagery shows different production techniques and thus documents how people work in this unique craft business. Chips, dirty fingers and paint residues are intentionally shown and not hidden. The focus on the detail creates closeness to the action.

Stationery and editorial design

In the print media, emphasis is placed on haptic experiences. The skillfully selected papers and the metallic colors make the print media appear high quality and exceptional. This is aimed at a wealthy clientele, who value a perfectly crafted restoration or the fine-tuned production of their workpiece.

“We – the Ellinghaus family – have been dedicated to the preservation of antique pieces of furniture, the construction of new furniture and the processing of historic timber since 1988.” The Ellinghaus family

Web design

The website by Ellinghaus & Söhne is designed spaciously. The imagery combined with the serif typeface creates a differentiation to other craft enterprises and prioritizes the traditional techniques. The menu item references adds additional value. Here the carpentry documents its masterpieces to convince potential customers of their skills.


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