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Branding for YouEngineering.
Bold code. Kind people.

The software and web developers of youEngineering took the timing of their company’s relocation from Liestal to Basel as an opportunity to translate their branding out of the everyday mush and into a bolder and more contemporary approach. The team was equally concerned with the employer branding aspect. The company has long since ceased to be a newcomer, but the start-up flair was to be maintained.

Suan solved the task including a new claim, in which the lowest common denominator “code” addresses the diverse activities and the versatility of the software developer, and at the same time underlines its own self-image. “Bold code. Kind people.” In the sense of the employer branding, it emphasizes the approachability and the family flair. The logo itself plays on the slash as a programming character: It usually marks a relation in the context of a sentence as well as code – here it indicates that engineering is done individually with you and for you.


Brand strategy
Corporate design
Brand experience
Web design



short cut and color concept


Icon and illustration concept

Brand strategy

The rebranding began with an intensive repositioning strategy workshop of all parties involved on on both the client and the agency side. The target groups for employer branding and services were defined and the areas of expertise clearly identified. The most versatile software developer in Northwestern Switzerland started the branding process with the newly elaborated values of collaborative, cooperative and powerful.

Web design

youEngineering lives the passion for software engineering. The theme of programming characters as design elements and highlights runs through the entire branding. On one hand, they are adapted for key visuals that illustrate the contents of the website. On the other, they carry the brand into the office space – on sound panels and as a guidance system in the stairwell. Another important component of the branding is the color scheme. The rich and bold colors mark the areas of Software Development, Web Design and Apps, Consulting and Extended Workbench on the website. The primary color Coral is used at the brand level for the company. The new youEngineering website pays tribute to the values of powerful and collaborative. With its vibrant design and family-like approach, youEngineering, as a growing company, also recruits young people who have what it takes through its online presence. Of course, youEngineering developed the website itself.


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