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OCC Assekuradeur.
Rebranding for the insurance expert.

OCC is the biggest expert for the protection of classic vehicles in the DACH region. With specialized insurance solutions and a history of over 30 years, OCC is an important part of the German-speaking classic car scene. In the course of a group-wide digitalization, SUAN was commissioned with the conception of the brand strategy as well as the redesign of the image of OCC and the associated DOC, the German Oldtimer Club, and all touchpoints.

The corporate design incorporates typical elements from the classic car scene. The rich colours combined with clear lines and clean typography create a design that not only makes OCC stand out from the uniformity of the insurance providers, but also makes a statement in the classic car scene. To put it in a nutshell: Real OCC!


Brand strategy
Corporate Design
Web Design



Color concept




How does a renowned company communicate new values? Together with Rotstift, SUAN sharpened the brand values ​​and revised the brand strategy. On this basis, a branding was created that meets the communication goals and offers a high recognition in both web design and editorial design. Rotstift is the only correctional office of its size with permanent adjudicators. At a photo shoot, the sympathetic experts in and around the premises were brought into the right light and captured the family atmosphere. In logo design, the additional icons previously combined to form the red pencil give way to a very clear, minimal design language. The display font GT Super is made for red pencil and underscores in its function the digital as well as the well-known. The shade of red was refreshed and combined in the communication with two secondary colors - so we created by color and typography alone a corporate design, which helps the traditional company to a new appeal.

"As a part of the oldtimer scene, your safety and the value of your classic vehicle is close to our heart." OCC Assekuradeur

Corporate Design

The brand strategy was transformed into a consistent but lively corporate design. The color concept responds to the joy of the aesthetics of the oldies: From Astonaqua to Opelorange, the rich colors give the design a slight retro touch. This mood is supported by other elements from the classic car scene such as the rally buttons. The buttons are used throughout the design as information carriers and appear on all media in print and online. For this purpose, we combine a concise serif font that is used throughout for headlines.

The media

Not only business papers and layout concept were renewed: a wealth of media complete the corporate design of OCC Assekuradeur - from brochures to exhibition stand and lettering. Numerous give-aways such as buttons, pins and sew-on badges convey the joy of classic cars.


The visual world is no longer limited to depicting vehicles, but now shows emotions, people, real characters. In a documentary manner, real scenes are recorded at rallies and the target group is brought into focus. For practical reasons, one or the other stock photo is combined with the other: here, a picture guideline guarantees the selection of photos and films that match the branding. Hard contrasts, special colors and a slightly reduced saturation define the pictures as a series.


On the one hand, the structure of OCC's website has been greatly simplified, and on the other hand, the website has been enhanced with the latest digital features, such as a new application section that allows you to take out a vehicle insurance policy online. The design also breaks new ground: The user is picked up with emotional stories and first gets an overview of the four main pages, which are separated from each other by color.


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