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Salina Helvetica.
The experience brand of the Swiss Saltworks.

The Bex, Riburg and Schweizerhalle saltworks joined forces in 2014 under the name Schweizer Salinen (Swiss Saltworks). To give the general public more insight into the history and current extraction of Swiss salt, a separate brand was created for the tourism offers of the Swiss Saltworks. Have you ever wondered why there is salt in Switzerland? What is it used for and how exactly is it extracted? The Swiss Saltworks extract, store and distribute salt for the whole of Switzerland – up to 650,000 tons a year. And they have been doing so for 450 years. The tours in Schweizerhalle and Riburg have been completely redesigned under the motto “Experience the salt.” The mine experience in Bex will be integrated into the concept over the next three years. The new salt experience makes the subject accessible in an entertaining way, from its origins to its current use, and offers an exciting outing for the whole family. This is Salina Helvetica – the new showcase of Swiss Saltworks.

In close cooperation with the Swiss Saltworks, Suan developed the name and visual identity of Salina Helvetica. In the process, prototypes of various name proposals with a suitable design were tested until the right design and name were finally chosen. The challenge was to ensure visual affinity with the corporate brand Schweizer Salinen and the various product brands.






“From the largest wooden dome in Europe to the cultural history of salt, 50 kilometers of tunnels and shafts to culinary experiences: you can experience salt in many ways with us.” Swiss Saltworks


In order to spark enthusiasm for this wide-ranging topic among the general public, Suan developed an emotional visual language. The mysticism and fascination of the impressive salt world is conveyed through the targeted use of light. In two shootings, images were produced against the backdrop of the mighty salt mountain and at other stations from the adventure route. The pictures also show the impressive installations and the games integrated into the exhibitions.

The campaign

Suan conceptualized a cross-media campaign that is gradually being rolled out in selected Swiss cities. Suan designed various media for online advertising, posters, cinema advertising, printed tramway cars and banners, and even promotional campaigns. The campaign was initially used in the Basel region to draw attention to the launch event in Schweizerhalle.


Picture of tramway: Moving Media

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