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Signer / Thylacine.
Graphic design for the Artachment.

Since 2007, the Artachment exhibits contemporary art in Basel. Under the title “It could be considered an anniversary”, the curator of the repurposed former customs house organized an anniversary exhibition including Roman Signer and the artist duo Thylacine. In his happening, Roman Signer navigated a color-armed drone through the old customs house, which left its marks on the wooden ceiling. At the same time, Thylacine took on the outdoor space of the hut and installed a pink shimmering cone of light that does not seem to illuminate anything in particular.

The exhibition concept of Swiss art students combined with international greats is continually pursued by the Artachment in the series “The Peter Pan Project”. The rule is, one person takes on the interior, while the other makes use of the outdoor space, i.e. the public space around the house and includes it into their concept. Through the windows of the customs house, both works of art are spatially separated, but visually connected.


Design concept
Graphic design
Key visual
Poster & flyer



The concept

We include the spatial situation in the graphics for the Peter Pan Project. One position is printed on the front of the flyer, the other on the back. A limited edition with silk-screen print on glass is made for the artists. Adhesive film on the windows of the hut announces the respective exhibition: pasted on the inside as well as outside. In the general print media the reverse side is printed on the front also, using different colors. A lacquered background is reminiscent of the window glass and frames the typographic composition.

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