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Passages Köln Ehrenfeld.
Graphic design für Querverweise.

The Passages Cologne are an event and exhibition program on current trends in design, especially in interior design with exhibitions in Cologne showrooms, galleries, furniture stores, cultural institutes, museums and colleges. Querverweise, organized by Manuel Welsky and Burkhard Schäller, were part of the Passagen Köln 2011. As a symposium with exhibition rooms, they provided a platform for product and furniture designers.


Graphic design
Editorial design
Poser design
Web design




The design concept is based on the subtitle of the exhibition: Dialogues in Design. The imaginary statements of the seven main exhibitors are represented by an ornament made of speech bubbles, from which seven color surfaces emerge. For the print media, the individual speech bubbles were filled with a layer of Pantone luminous yellow and overprinted with each other. Most overlaps thus gave the brightest spots.

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