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Na dann Prost.
Book design for wine novices and connoisseurs.

Everybody knows this extremely awkward situation: Once again you are invited to have dinner with the parents-in-law or your business partners. After several very long lectures on grape varieties, their origin and an almost religious uncorking ceremony including a cork smelling, the dreaded question is asked: “What do you say about this wine?” Most people embarrassingly only have the following answers: “This wine tastes very good,” or “Hm, that’s not my taste.” Isn’t it a pity that as a layman, so as not to appear ignorant to the host, you can say no more about it? This book on wine begins right there. It will convey to an elderflower tea drinker or potbellied beer drinker everything there is to know about the most delicious drink in the world – wine.


Book design
Editorial design

Beer on wine, not so fine; wine on beer, never fear. Saying

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