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Rebranding for the regional network provider.

interGGA AG is the communications expert in northwestern Switzerland. With around 32,000 customers, it not only operates the largest independent fiber optic cable network in the region, but is also one of the largest providers of its kind in Switzerland.

The redesign of the brand and all touchpoints returns the company’s values to the spotlight. Striking changes in color scheme, visual language and typography let the brand shine anew without abandoning the generally known icon of the speech bubble. Thanks to the condensed CD manual, the corporate design can be easily applied to all media. Colors and icons are now used in a targeted and meaningful way, and the design rules run rigorously through all assets.


Corporate design
Web design
Print media


Font and color concept

Icon concept


Brand strategy

The brand strategy was revised and refined together with the marketing. Values such as change as an opportunity, the search for new solutions, and the pursuit of innovation are newly established and also noticeably reflected in the branding. In the future, interGGA will participate more strongly and be good publicity in the cultural life of its customers. On site at events, online with reports and on social media – it thus addresses the core value of keeping the brand “alive” with stories of life in the Basel region.

“We enrich the lives of people in our region, through entertainment, information and communication – we are the first choice for TV, telephone, internet and mobile.” InterGGA

Web design

The usability of interGGA’s website was optimized by means of stringent graphic components and reduced use of design elements. Contact, trouble reporting, log-ins and the customer center can be reached at any time via the header. Innovations are also planned for the content: Users will find news about local events and will also be picked up emotionally by their regional provider from whereever they are: in Münchenstein, Arlesheim, Ettingen, Therwil, Oberwil, Biel-Benken, Rodersdorf, Aesch, Pfeffingen, Duggingen, Nenzlingen and Grellingen.


Corporate design

The mission statement was transformed into a compact but lively corporate design. The colors were reduced and gained a digital feel. An energetic color gradient complements this concept and symbolically points to the northwestern corner of the network in the logo. With the logo’s revised characters and Gibson as the new corporate font, interGGA is moving away from a very technical look and feel to a friendly and human mood. As a separator and branding design element, the half-drawn border runs through all media, establishing a strong recognizability alongside the bright, understated visual language.

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