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More than a logo.

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Apple's bitten apple or Milka's purple cow have done it: their branding has become firmly established in people's minds. Strong brands are more important today than ever. Web-centricity is advancing in all areas of life. This results in ever-increasing global competition - from which companies must set themselves apart with their brand and corporate identity. If service and product quality are right, they must also be reflected in the brand-building elements of the company's appearance.

Within seconds we unconsciously evaluate a brand when we come into contact with it. This includes the visual impression and increasingly also the user-friendliness of applications such as mobile apps. This makes it all the more important to work together with an agency in order to attract attention through strong, professional branding. Be it to stand out from the mass of offers or to convey values and emotions. Positive feelings for a brand ensure that customers remain loyal to it in the long term and at best even recommend it to others. The perfect symbiosis of brand strategy, corporate design and brand experience makes the decisive difference. Branding is more than just a logo.

Brand strategy.
It's all about the story.

Every person is unique. This is also true for companies. They represent personal values and live their own culture. It gets interesting when brands tell their story. What is it? The Brand Strategy provides the answer. It is the first step in developing a vision for the brand world. It starts with a joint workshop with the customer.

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Corporate design.
The first impression counts.

Over 70 percent of all perception is visual. So for the perfect brand presence, a corporate design that sticks to the retina is needed. The first impression counts. This also applies to brands and their corporate identity. In the end, it is the brand that people trust.

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Brand Experience.
Live the brand.

Special experiences remain in the memory. For a brand to have maximum impact, it must also leave an emotional impression. This can be achieved if it takes place in all channels relevant to the target group. And again and again. And over and over again. The brand experience remains exciting when websites, mobile apps or the social media strategy within the corporate identity repeatedly provide surprise moments.

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Branding vs. advertising agency.
From brand building to the fulfillment of the brand promise.

What is the difference between a branding agency and an advertising agency? While a branding agency takes care of the development and maintenance of a brand, an advertising agency keeps the brand promise with targeted communication measures. But what does that mean exactly?

The iF-Award 2020.
Wieland and Rotstift win again.

Two of our cases win the iF-Award 2020: the rebranding for Rostsift AG in the communication discipline and the wine bottle labels for Wieland AG in the packaging discipline.

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