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Coop Restaurant.
New website for the gastronomy of Coop.

Coop Restaurant enlisted the expertise of Suan to redesign the central website for all Coop restaurants. The goal was to inject more emotion, appeal, and simplicity into the site in order to draw in more visitors and showcase previously overlooked offers. The challenge lay in utilizing the existing components of coop-restaurant.ch. Through collaborative workshops on goals, content, personas, and web structure, Suan and the Coop Restaurant team crafted a new sitemap and content structure. The frontend design now features captivating film sequences and an organic graphic style, transforming coop-restaurant.ch from a mere information hub to an experience that tantalizes the taste buds and builds anticipation for a visit.


Brand strategy
Web design
Brand experience
Graphic design

Color and font

Icon design

Welcome messages

Web design

Upon landing on the site, visitors are greeted with a personalized welcome message in the Swiss dialect of their region, thanks to location tracking. The look and feel successfully appeals to a diverse audience, with graphic elements that are instantly recognizable as Coop’s signature style. The use of wrapping paper texture and a distinctive wave motif not only adds a friendly touch but also helps visually segment content.The color highlighting of keywords in Coop orange renders headlines more interesting and easier to grasp.The incorporation of film sequences and stop-motion animations in hero components adds an inviting element to the website, engaging target audiences. The end result is a visually stunning and user-friendly website that effectively communicates the diverse offerings of Coop restaurants.


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