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SUAN Conceptual Design GmbH
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Improving Life.
Branding of the biotech company certus diagnostics.

Certus diagnostics is an innovative Swiss biotech company committed to revolutionizing the diagnostics market with the development of a novel microorganism detection technology. The successful young company not only wins competitions and start-up prizes, it was also able to record its first product launches within a very short time.

SUAN was commissioned to make a statement with the new branding and web design and catapult certus on a par with the big names in the industry. This is achieved through a direct, provocative corporate language and a loud, high-contrast corporate design.


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Corporate Design
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Brand strategy

A clear brand positioning and the conception of new brand values ​​create a clear distinction to the competitors. Improving Life as a meaningful brand core paired with a disruptive approach make clear the goal of certus: fundamentally changing established structures through innovative products. Its clear focus on three core areas - quality control, veterinary and human medicine - is reflected in the brand architecture. The business areas can be visually distinguished from one another by their own colorings in all media.

Visual language

The picture world shows laboratory situations around the application of the certus products. A detailed focus point directs the eye and, in combination with depth of field, creates tension. Each image is color coded and thus assigned to a product group. The portraits of the employees use the same stylistic means and were also created in the laboratory environment. Through the targeted, prominent use of imagery, it takes on an important, identity-creating place in corporate design.

Editorial design

Specially developed icons are theme-freely designed and complement the imagery of the brand. They include important company and product-related statements and are used for visual support - for example as part of the brand story - on the website or in presentations. Business stationery and brochures are clear and well arranged. The contrast between black and white is used as a stylistic device on the front and back as well as on the outside and inside. Icons and illustrations paired with great typography can be used on covers in a clearly structured way.

With its innovative method, certus diagnostics revolutionises the diagnostics market in a sustainable way and offers both reliable and tested laboratory-quality rapid tests. The products impress with their easy handling and fast and reliable results. Vision

Web Design

The certus website has been completely redesigned and programmed, with a consistent focus on corporate design. Storytelling ensures good visitor guidance. The quarter-circle element is animated in a brand-relevant way and underscores the disruptive approach in terms of design. The order process is handled easily by a form.


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