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Pantex AG.
Rebranding for the security company.

Pantex AG is the up-and-coming security company from Northwestern Switzerland. With the goal of becoming the number 1 in the region, Pantex AG commissioned Suan to further develop the already conceived mission statement and brand strategy and to completely revise the corporate design. In doing so, it was important not only to set external impulses, but also to integrate the management into the strategic process. Based on this well-founded strategy process, the result sounds almost simple: Pantex AG differentiates itself from its competitors and positions itself clearly through its actions: Pantex. We secure and protect.

The new branding takes existing design elements and transfers them into a positive and purposeful context. As part of the logo, the luminous green checkmark underlines the vision and commitment to performance of Pantex AG, sends a clear message and is also part of the design of the icons. The primary colors luminous green and dark green provide a harmonious but contrasting color tone and fresh accentuation.


Brand strategy
Corporate design
Brand experience
Web design
Editorial design


Design elements and color concept


Icon concept

Brand strategy

The brand strategy was sharpened in close cooperation with the company management. The collected results from workshops and an employee survey were used to redefine end customers by means of personas as well as to develop desired employee profiles for the various service areas. Through this process, the branding was not only supported but also shaped by all decision makers.

“Working closely together, we have created a new Pantex world that is absolutely in line with our values, our communication and ultimately our behavior.” Nino Hafner, CEO Pantex AG


The visual language documents the employees of Pantex AG during their work and expresses: We are in the people business. The friendly appearance and the lived corporate values in everyday interaction create culture, identity and represent the unique Pantex profile. Scenes from everyday professional life and detail shots show what it means to secure and protect in different contexts. From blouse and blazer to T-shirt to warning and protective vests – everything is included, because Pantex safeguards life, valuables, real estate, construction, and traffic.

Web design

The new website of Pantex AG impresses with the reduction of design elements and a direct approach. As an information platform, the website is aimed at customers on one hand and qualified security personnel on the other. The Pantex color scheme supports the user in navigation: customers can directly access the service portfolio while job seekers can inform themselves about career opportunities. As a growing company in the service sector, Pantex AG strives to attract skilled workers through attractive employer branding. The structure, the content, and the integration of an application mask on the website meet this requirement.


Brand experience

The rebranding as a strategic corporate process conveys clear values, messages, and corporate goals. The commitment of Pantex AG to break new ground is evident, not only through the new look, but also through the concrete initiatives for its employees, partners, and customers.

From the “save the date” invitation, to the launch event and the Pantex rebranding short film up to the go-live of the new website and social-media channels, Pantex AG convinces with consistency in setting deliberate impulses during the brand launch. The issuing of new service clothing, the goodie bag for employees, the Pantex car fleet in the new design and “snackable” social-media content accompany the launch of the new Pantex world. They tell the story and draw attention to the values of Pantex AG, surprise and touch, and create cohesion through design and tonality.

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