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SUAN Conceptual Design GmbH
Güterstrasse 233, 4053 Basel, Switzerland, 
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Poster series.
Graphic design for The Hoanhiêu.

The poster series and imagery for the first album of the band The Hoanhiêu (now Cinder Tapes) were created by experimental, layered projections of objects.

For the first series, the photographs of a cardboard model were screened back onto the model. The resulting installation was photographed again. The images of these perspectively distorted scenes were graphically edited and the distinct perspectives of the physical space and the projected space were worked out.


Graphic design
Poster design

The second poster series from the year 2010 is printed with luminescent color, which appears bright yellow during the day and recharges in the light, to then glow in the dark corners of the clubs at night.

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