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Skyvell – natural fresh air.
Branding for the Applied Chemicals International Group.

Skyvell is the new own brand of Applied Chemicals International. Skyvell - natural, fresh air: From naming, claiming and corporate design to picture world and illustration levels, we accompanied the branding of this innovative odor neutralizer. The intelligent product discreetly removes odors without covering it with its own fragrance.

The look and feel of the corporate design is fresh and clear, natural, inspired by the cool air of the mountains and the forest. This is supported by the vertical, round logotype, the ascending gradient, and dandelion illustrations. A strong green accent creates a discreet highlight and grounds the clear design. The new appearance positions the brand in the B2B area and lays the foundation for a later launch in the consumer market.


Brand strategy
Corporate design
Design guidelines
Web design





Brand strategy

The brand strategy and the naming of the future brand were developed in an intensive and inspired workshop. What does one expect from the new odor neutralizer, what should be taught? The brand essence "Pure Air" now shows itself in the visual language as well as in the logo design and also defined the topics for the name search. After the creative naming, trademark clarifications and language checks followed, until the "Skyvell" brand was launched and visual communication began.

The mixture of essential oils encases the water droplet. This sheath produces a weak electrostatic charge which attracts the malodorous molecules. FUNCTIONING SKYVELL

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