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SUAN Conceptual Design GmbH
Güterstrasse 233, 4053 Basel, Switzerland, 
+41 (0) 61 681 60 09, info@suan.ch, Imprint, Privacy Policy

MS Evolutie.
Lettering and graphics for a ship.

The MS Evolutie is a vintage cargo ship for art, theater, and culture. Originally from Rotterdam, the retired freighter is usually anchored in Basel and invites to various events. Suan gave the ship both a classic and a new look by renewing the lettering on the bow, which also became the logo. The main design elements of the corporate design play with a strict grid and the high-contrast traffic signs of inland navigation.


Corporate design
Ship lettering
Key visual

Ship lettering



Logo with claims




Typography and Color

Use of forms



Inspiration inland navigation signage




The individual shapes or abstracted traffic signs can be modularly extracted from the pattern as graphics, which is ideal for micro applications and social media. Event photography can be integrated into the grid. Thus, flyers and postcards with a lot of white space are created from the strict grid, loosened up by images.

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