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Annual program 18/19
Graphic design for the Black Forest Percussion Group

The Black Forest Percussion Group began their season in autumn 2018 with the piece Retrouvailles by Georges Aperghis and finished it in the summer of 2019 with 18! – Music for 18 Musicians – by Steve Reich. For this season, we not only developed a program brochure, but also a system for lifting posters and flyers for the individual performances from the annual program.

The annual program consists of an A2 poster that has been folded into a flipable and at the same time foldable A5 magazine. The poster on the back shows a collage that consists of different visualizations or symbols for each piece. For example, the distorted image of a wine bottle visualizes the performance of Retrouvailles (the scraping of a wine bottle on a wooden table is part of the performance), the hands represent the performance of "Tragbar" and the triangle the concert at the tri-border region. On the front the individual symbols of the collage are assigned to the pieces.


Key visual
Poster design
Editorial design
Graphic design

The layout

The typography in the layout absorbs a moment of rhythm by rhythmically shifting the titles and displaying them severed. Also in the individual posters, the letters of the titles are set compositionally and as such fit well into the overall collage. The fold marks on the unfolded annual program divide the collage into eight A5 sections. These are lifted and used for the A1 posters of the individual performances. At that, we have made sure that the respective symbol of the performance is mostly displayed in one section. At the end of the season you could reassemble the A1 posters to eternalize the key visual 18/19 in large-scale format.

“18!” as a separate release

The consistent concept for the concerts performed this season, allows a simple adaptation of the visuals to all designable media of the concert business. The freely set, collaged elements leave room to also interpret the concept more loosely, while remaining consistent in the visual language. This is especially important in large releases, like the performance of Music for 18 Musicans by Steve Reich at the Museum Tinguely in Basel and at the Freiburg E-Werk.

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