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More than just blondes in Volvos.
Book design for Skan Grafik.

Skan Grafik is the first detailed report on the design scene in Scandinavia. For a long time the Northern Europeans have been pioneers: in the last millennium the Vikings traveled the oceans, today their system furniture is represented in every European living room. According to the Pisa study, the smartest people on the continent are at home here. To what extent do their ingenuity and high education, combined with Scandinavian serenity, influence their design culture? For this book, we visited the 30 most important Scandinavian agencies. It is intended to give Central European designers an insight into agency life and introduce the designers and their work.


Graphic design
Editorial design
Poster design
Book design


“More than just blondes in Volvos.” Svein Haakon Lia, Bleed (Oslo)

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