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Text correction with style.
Corporate design for Rotstift AG.

It is an institution: Anyone who writes and publishes in Switzerland knows Rotstift AG – and has thus probably learned a lot about orthography, grammar and punctuation. Since 1991, many companies and institutions value the high quality and good service provided by the largest independent proofreading office in Switzerland. SUAN supported Rotstift AG with a brand strategy workshop and the subsequent rebranding in web and print as it entered the digital age.


Brand strategy
Corporate design
Web design


Logo and Claim



Portrait photography


How does a renowned company communicate new values? Together with Rotstift, SUAN sharpened the brand values ​​and revised the brand strategy. On this basis, a branding was created that meets the communication goals and offers a high recognition in both web design and editorial design. Rotstift is the only proofreading office of its size permanently employing proofreaders. At the photo shoot, the sympathetic experts were presented in and around the premises, capturing the familial atmosphere. In the logo design, the additional icons previously combined with the red pencil give way to a very clear, minimal design language. The display font GT Super is cut out for Rotstift and underscores in its function the digital as well as the good reputation. The shade of red was refreshed and combined with two secondary colors in the communication – as such we created a corporate design by color and typography alone, that helps provide the traditional company with new charisma.

“Rotstift is slowly but surely entering the digital world. Part of that is to dress differently every now and then and move with the times technically.” Rotstift AG

Web design

Rotstift AG communicates its USPs openly and sympathetically online. On the new website, users will be met by various statements and told a story. The content is clearly structured just by using striking typography and color. For each topic, the right contact person is introduced, contactable via a click. Not only as an additional SEO measure, a typowiki is launched, which shines with tips and knowledge about spelling and underlines the expertise of Rotstift.



Rotstift’s crisp stationery is supplemented with postcards and complement cards with statements and articles on spelling and microtypography. To start the communication in the new dress, a haptic, targeted mailing is also planned. In a witty way, attention is drawn to the tragedies of missing punctuation. Thus, Rotstift can approach the agencies and institutions and once again awake their appetite for orthography.

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