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SUAN Conceptual Design GmbH
Güterstrasse 233, 4053 Basel, Switzerland, 
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Corporate design.
From logo to packaging.

For the corporate design to have full effect, more than the famous good first impression is necessary. The image of a brand has to be lasting. Companies can achieve this if they consistently adhere to their corporate design and thus their corporate identity across all communication and marketing channels.

A beautiful logo is therefore not enough to create a brand. From the colour concept to the imagery, typography and signalling, the appearance of a brand must be uniform. This creates credibility and trust with customers - and in the best case an emotional bond.

Our experience shows: The colour concept and the visual world arouse the most emotions. They convey the mood of the brand and reflect the brand values. These in turn result from the brand strategy. No matter whether print or online: Every social media post, every newsletter and every packaging must correspond to the corporate design and the brand story. So that there is recognition in all channels.

Sometimes rebranding is also necessary. For example, when the aesthetics of the corporate design no longer match the brand strategy or when companies expand into new areas. The question is which level of rebranding makes sense. If the branding still fits the brand strategy but is outdated, a refresher is sufficient. A complete rebranding is appropriate when a crucial part of the brand has changed. For example, if a company is entering a new market, targeting a different audience, or a merger with another company is imminent. When two established brands join forces to better market their products, we talk about co-branding. For this to succeed, brands and products should complement each other perfectly.

To be on the safe side, SUAN develops CD-Guidelines. This enables third parties to consistently apply the corporate design that has been defined together with the customer. In the CD-Guidelines we define the colour values, the layout concept as well as the handling of the logo and other design elements like typography or icons.

SUAN's corporate designs create an emotional recognition value with the goal of a unique brand experience.

Corporate Design News.

Auszeichnung «CO&CO Selected».
Das Branding für Wieland in der 100% Black-Edition.

Wir freuen uns über unsere erste Auszeichnung «CO&CO Selected» im 2019. Das Rebranding der Wieland AG in Thusis wurde im CO&CO-Magazin in der 100% Black-Edition veröffentlicht.

German Design Award, Special Mention 2019.
Ellinghaus & Söhne.

And we were not only nominated, but now also win a Special Mention at the German Design Award 2019. The carpentry Ellinghaus & Söhne is also very happy about the two awards for their new corporate design.

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