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Brand strategy.
The common vision.

Increase sales? Greater awareness? Image change? If you want to implement the vision of your company, you first need a brand strategy. This is best coordinated with marketing. This transports the brand story based on brand values and corporate culture internally to all areas - and ultimately to the people who use the product or service.

Often the participants of the branding project at SUAN meet for the first time in workshops. Because we develop the brand strategy together with the client. Together we develop an understanding of the key points of the brand and the company. This results in the mission and the plan for collaborative implementation of the brand strategy.

Most important for the brand strategy are the target group and the brand values. In the target group analysis we ask questions like: Who are the customers and what are their needs? It makes a difference whether we are targeting single online enthusiasts or responsible family fathers. However, the most important factor for success in the market is that the corporate culture matches the attitude of potential customers. The definition of brand values is therefore also crucial for positioning. Does our brand stand for innovation or are emotional values more important? In the Brand Strategy we answer such questions together with the customer.

In the market analysis, SUAN examines the relevant market and competitors together with the client. Topics are current trends, supply and demand as well as market regions and competence fields of the own company and competitors.

Finally, the brand strategy also includes the choice of media. After all, the brand must take place where the potential customers are. Do I reach my target group more via social media or TV? Is a print campaign worthwhile? The right strategy determines whether a company can score points or not.

The vision and brand values combined with the communication goals create the framework for the visual development of the brand - and ultimately for people wanting to hear our brand story.

Brand Strategy News.

Branding vs. advertising agency.
From brand building to the fulfillment of the brand promise.

What is the difference between a branding agency and an advertising agency? While a branding agency takes care of the development and maintenance of a brand, an advertising agency keeps the brand promise with targeted communication measures. But what does that mean exactly?

The iF-Award 2020.
Wieland and Rotstift win again.

Two of our cases win the iF-Award 2020: the rebranding for Rostsift AG in the communication discipline and the wine bottle labels for Wieland AG in the packaging discipline.

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