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A brand revolution.
The rebranding for Derendinger.

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The brands Derendinger, Technomag, E. Klaus, Normauto and Matik, which belong to the Swiss Automotive Group (SAG), are shifting up a gear together and joining forces under the new “Derendinger” brand. This has resulted in a completely new brand world. The successful merger of the five brands is a milestone in Derendinger’s more than 90-year corporate history – and the consistent continuation of the path that the Swiss Automotive Group has been following since 2009.
Together with the client, Suan revised the brand strategy and formulated the target groups. On this basis, a completely new brand was created, which was enthusiastically received by Derendinger and its customers.

Showing their colors together.
With the new appearance, Derendinger is making a radical visual cut. The first thing that catches the eye is the bright color: Lime! A strong yellow with a pinch of green. The color stands for dynamism, future orientation and commitment. All values that fit perfectly with the new brand. With the bold fresh color accent, the Swiss market leader in the vehicle parts aftermarket clearly stands out from the competition. All the more so in an industry traditionally dominated by the colors red and blue. The unique color feature ensures quick recognition and strengthens internal and external identification with the new brand.

An appearance at the cutting edge.

The new trilingual claim “Power for your workshop” underlines performance orientation and competence. The new corporate language conveys sympathy through authenticity, the use of “you” and uncomplicated language.
The imagery shows the people behind Derendinger close up in their everyday lives. The targeted use of depth of field and special perspectives catapults the viewer directly into the situation. The new workwear provides the lime accents in the pictures.

From the image brochure to the new design of the vehicle fleet, from the stationery to the web presence: Suan also accompanied Derendinger in the implementation of all communication media, which express Derendinger’s consistent future orientation and innovative strength. The successful start of the public appearance was on September 1st at the “Swiss Automotive Show” in Fribourg.

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