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Successful branding.
Ten valuable tips.

#Brand Strategy
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1. Create clarity.

Before you hire a branding agency, you should be aware of structures and responsibilities in your company. Who will take care of branding and related activities in the long term? If the responsibilities are clearly defined, the process will move faster and the branding will have a more lasting effect. Determine who needs to work with and know about the established branding rules – from internal communications to social media to the website.

2. Define objectives.

What do you want the branding agency to do for your brand? Based on your company’s strategy, think about what you want branding to accomplish. The clearer your ideas are, the better the agency will know where to start. Another option is to work with the agency as early as the briefing phase and define the goals together. We offer brand strategy workshops for this approach.

3. The right branding agency.

A branding agency specializes in the development of brands. We are happy to put our knowledge and experience to work for you. But SUAN also welcomes proactive participation in the branding process. Talk openly about your expectations and contribute ideas. This will make the collaboration even better.

4. Realistic budget.

What branding costs, depends on the goals a company is pursuing. Along with it, the work process is also crucial. Long decision-making processes cost more money because they increase the agency’s expenses. It is important to agree on a transparent and uncomplicated cost control. SUAN invoices on a monthly basis. This gives us and the customers the possibility to react quickly and to always keep track of the expenses.

5. Branding takes time.

From experience, it takes six months to a year to launch a brand. The agency’s work, workshops, feedback rounds – everything takes time. The best thing to do is to set up a schedule and calculate an additional buffer for the project right away. This helps everyone involved to get the best results. After all, you only experience the big moment of the brand launch once.

6. Brand strategy.

Greater awareness? Image change? Developing new target groups? What is your goal? Think about the audience, the positioning and the brand values. With a brand strategy that is understandable for everyone, all company employees will be informed and support your ideas accordingly. SUAN also offers workshops on brand strategy. With the help of interactive tasks, we come to meet the decision-makers. In our experience, this is the best way to start a successful branding process.

7. Communicate clearly.

The development of a branding is a process in which several people are involved. This makes honesty and transparency all the more important. They form the basis of good cooperation. Our experience shows: regular jour fixes between client and agency create trust and lead to better results.

8. Focus on the brand.

Branding has the task of implementing and visualizing the strategic goals and values of the company. Always focusing on the brand and the needs of the target group. Try to put your personal tastes aside. So that you can approach the revision of the brand appearance as neutrally as possible.

9. Be courageous.

What makes your brand unique? Are your products particularly environmentally friendly? Or is your company the largest of its kind? Your unique selling proposition doesn’t have to be revolutionary. Just be authentic. But try to be different and more creative than your competitors. Be brave! We support you.

10.  Seize the moment.

You don’t develop branding for your company every day. Seize the moment and make it clear to everyone that your brand launch is something special. Celebrate the changes with customers and employees alike – maybe along with the company anniversary? 

Would you like to learn more about branding or do you have a specific project and are looking for an agency? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you.

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