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Branding vs. advertising agency.
From brand building to the fulfillment of the brand promise.

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What is the difference between a branding agency and an advertising agency? While a branding agency takes care of the development and maintenance of a brand, an advertising agency keeps the brand promise with targeted communication measures. But what does that mean exactly?

The mere sight of the bitten apple triggers the desire for the latest device among many Apple fans. The brand is regarded as particularly innovative and design-oriented. Apple consistently carries this image through – from design to user-friendliness to packaging.

Name and logo are important components of a brand. However, they do not say much about what the company does and why you should become its customer. The key to how the bitten apple became one of the most valuable brands in the world is branding: the consistent development and sustained care of a brand. In Switzerland alone, there are around 515,000 registered trademarks. This makes it all the more important to stand out from the crowd. The task of a branding agency is to achieve this goal.

A branding agency provides long-term support for clients and their brands. It builds a brand image by communicating the brand values of a company. A clear strategic orientation as well as a strong visual and emotional image are crucial for this. Positive emotions for a brand ensure that customers remain loyal to it in the long term and, at best, even recommend it to others. A branding should last for about seven years. After that it is at best time for further development of the brand or a complete rebranding. Because people and markets are constantly changing.

Difference branding and advertising agency.

The close cooperation with an advertising agency delivers creative results and helps to grow and strengthen the brand. An advertising agency consists of a team of copywriters, designers and planners. It advises clients on marketing and communication measures, develops advertising campaigns and implements them – always in compliance with the corporate identity and its corporate design. Advertising agencies play on all communication channels within a campaign. They know reader statistics, commuter flows and usage behavior. They use their knowledge in the implementation of print and online measures as well as PR and events. In contrast to a branding agency, advertising agencies only have a selective effect on the brand with their campaigns – but they strengthen long-term branding.

Sometimes the boundaries between branding agency and advertising agency blur. After the completed branding process, we at SUAN, if necessary, develop the first campaign according to the newly created corporate design for our clients. In general: A strong cooperation of all partners is important to achieve the best possible result for the client.

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