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Pitch won!
SUAN is the lead agency of the University of Basel.

#Brand Strategy

Pitch won! The University of Basel was one of our first customers. Now we have the honor to start as the lead agency for the University of Basel next year.

SUAN has been designing for the University of Basel since 2015. The collaboration started with the Sustainability Office and a variety of exciting projects that discuss the concept of sustainability from both an environmental and social perspective. Among them, the sustainability label Denk weiter (think further) and the event Tatort Nachhaltigkeit. Over the years, other projects from other departments and faculties have been added. For example, key visuals for Cultural Management and Center for Philanthropy Studies, or concepts for Diversity and Inclusion and People and Culture. Last but not least, for URIS, the Ukrainian Research in Switzerland, and many more. All projects have one thing in common: not only did we have the opportunity to work for one of the top 100 universities in the world, but we were also able to learn a lot on various topics – one of the added values of this fruitful collaboration. 

We are therefore all the more pleased that we were able to assert ourselves in the pitch for the future lead agency. From 2023, we will be in charge of the current branding of the umbrella brand University of Basel and will develop it further in a meaningful way, together with those responsible at the University of Basel. 
We are looking forward to a great collaboration!

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