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SUAN Conceptual Design GmbH
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Moments of light.
Corporate design for Reto Häfliger.

The Lucerne-based light scientist Reto Häfliger works in the field of lighting design, photography with natural light and light research. The subject of light has accompanied the trained lighting technician, photographer and industrial designer for many years. The reduced corporate design unites these various activities under the common denominator moments of light.


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Corporate design
Design implementation
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Corporate design

Just as Reto captures solely authentic lighting moods without additional light sources, the corporate design should communicate his eye for detail with a certain understatement. His most important clients in photography are architects, Swiss lighting manufacturers and lighting designers. During the creation process, the design has been reduced increasingly with the aim of developing a bright stage for his photography. The porous, voluminous paper of the print media creates a sensual experience. The doubly slotted greeting card is inserted with a selected picture each, making every mailing a unique moment of light.


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