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Let's go beyond.
Online campaign for Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ is an international manufacturer and distributor of fruit and vegetable based nutritional supplements for a balanced diet. The multi-year online campaign and its associated Beyond brand is working towards the long-term goal of delivering a progressive image of Juice Plus+. Beyond gives franchisees and customers the opportunity to increasingly identify with the company Juice Plus+ and be inspired by other community members to realize their dreams and goals.

SUAN has developed a dynamic and relevant brand to present Juice Plus+ in a whole new way and strengthen relationships with its franchise partners and customers. This gives them the opportunity to become part of the Beyond team. The combination of Juice Plus+ with exceptional athletes and adventurers through Beyond builds on new progressive connections that support brand loyalty and wider adoption.


Brand strategy
Corporate Design
Web Design
Digital Media




Beyond's outdoor imagery shows the activities of Beyond members from a first-person perspective. I climb, I swim, I ski, I am in harmony with nature around me. A color selection of the images with regard to the Beyond blue and the orange of JuicePlus+ optimally integrates the images into the corporate design.

Web Design

On a web platform, the inspiring stories of people, adventurers, who transcend their boundaries and outgrow themselves are shared with us. This platform offers everyone in the community with Juice Plus + the chance to apply and become part of the adventurous team, which brings diverse recognition.


Healthy living around the world. JUICE PLUS+ VISION

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