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Our campaign for SENS at the Olma.
Exhibition with VIP attendance.

#Brand Experience

Let go ... ! As part of the annual campaign for Sens eRecycling conceived by Suan “Let go! – reuse recyclables instead of wasting them”, the informative exhibition in the recycling container was created in collaboration with Layercake. At the second stop of the exhibition – at Olma 2022 – even the Federal Council made a stop.

The declared goal of Sens eRecycling is to close the knowledge gaps in the population on the subject of eRecycling. The highlight of the campaigns is the container exhibition that was on display at Olma, Switzerland’s largest public exhibition. The mobile exhibition took place in a recycling container and offered visitors a look behind the scenes of the value-added cycle. Rusty container walls and bright graphics on 3D elements formed the Sens contrast, combining recycling and modern education. Informative facts about recycling processes with illustrative material, a waist-high 3D battery screwdriver made of cardboard on which visitors immortalize themselves, or the virtual reality booth provide insights into the actual process of recycling and invite visitors to participate.

Not only the Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis visited the exhibition and was enthusiastic. The stand was frequented above average. 2,000 participants registered only for the competition at the console and 15,000 chocolate coins were distributed. The chocolate talers in copper, gold and silver picked up on the several tons of metals already recycled. Other giveaways included various posters, each showing an electrical device and explaining the recyclable materials it contains. In addition, a thematic quartet for children was offered as well as the comic book “Lila und Tim”, specially made for Sens. The presentation also included the forum “Talking Solar: Electricity from photovoltaics” with seven interesting lectures. Suan designed all media and giveaways in print and online.

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