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SUAN Conceptual Design GmbH
Güterstrasse 233, 4053 Basel, Switzerland, 
+41 (0) 61 681 60 09, info@suan.ch, Imprint, Privacy Policy

New website.
SUAN publishes new online presence.


The only constant in the universe is change, Heraclitus of Ephesus once said. Under this sign is also one of our longest and biggest projects of the past half year, our new web design. Everything new and yet unmistakably we. Many thanks go to our entire team and above all to our partner agency Open Interactive, which has implemented our designs professionally and down to the last detail. It pays off to visit the talents of Open Interactive:


What's new

For one thing, you now have the opportunity to look at our projects in detail from the concept to the individual media. It pays to scroll a bit, because there are many new things to discover among our references. On the other hand, we like to introduce you to our entire crew, because in the last six months we had growth. Esther and David complete our team perfectly. You will now always see our latest news first.

Have fun discovering.

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