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Experience the Autumn Fair.
550 years of the Basel Autumn Fair.

#Graphic Design

Almost a year ago, we were invited to participate in an ideas competition held by the canton of Basel-Stadt to present our ideas for a playful and educational way of communicating the traditions of the Basel Autumn Fair. Our concept of a combined digital and printed solution called “Experience the Autumn Fair” was convincing – giving us the opportunity to research and dive deep into the 550-year history of the Basel Autumn Fair.

The result is an idea box with task cards that addresses all existing subjects and can thus be seamlessly integrated into the curriculum. To make this possible, we developed the tasks in workshop situations together with the teachers. The task cards in DIN A4 format were worked out and designed separately for two different age groups. By combining the card game with a website that offers downloadable PDF files and additional audiovisual content, the idea box can be used in different ways and gives teachers the opportunity to combine proven teaching methods with digital technology. Simply put, students can experience the Autumn Fair with all their senses.

In terms of content, there are quite different tasks. Like, for example, the letter from the emperor in the subject History: The holding of the Autumn Fair was officially permitted in 1471 by the then Emperor Frederick III. Here, the students can write a letter themselves – in which they grant permission to the Canton of Basel-Stadt to hold the first Autumn Fair – and seal it. Another task in the music subject encourages the children's hearing: typical sounds of the Autumn Fair are hidden behind various audio files, which they are asked to guess.

Design-wise, the product convinces with a child-friendly, playful illustration language that extends from the box across all task cards and creates a bridge to the diverse content and interesting stories about the Autumn Fair. The typography is kept large and simple so that the cards can be easily read by younger students. The content we designed was revised with the text agency Textair to ensure age-appropriate language throughout and to establish Basel German terms related to the Autumn Fair. The website, programmed by Open Interactive, is barrier-free and allows everyone to immerse themselves in the history of the Basel Autumn Fair, even during their free time.

You too can browse through our online idea box, and you're welcome to do so with your children:


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