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The new Employer Branding
for the Coop Group.

#Brand Experience

The Coop Group, one of Switzerland's largest employers, is committed to a diverse and inclusive working environment. The redesign of the coopjobs.ch portal is an example of Coop's commitment to promoting a welcoming workplace culture. Suan Conceptual Design was tasked with helping Coop to not only redesign the coopjobs.ch online recruitment platform, but to define a look and feel for Coop's entire employer branding.

Immersive, employee-centered experience
The project underlines Coop's commitment to promoting inclusion, welcoming diversity and providing a compelling insight into the company's vibrant culture. The coopjobs.ch portal thus goes beyond the traditional job search. Visitors are welcomed to a comprehensive platform where they can get a real feel for Coop's culture and values. This was achieved through the redefined visual language. Models on the one hand and employees in their actual working environment on the other represent the different roles within the company and were available for 11 extensive shooting days. The authenticity captured makes it easier for potential employees to connect with Coop on a personal level and develop a sense of belonging.

Capturing the essence of Coop through contemporary graphic design 
Creating a look and feel for Coop's employer branding was not just a visual overhaul, but a strategic endeavor to authentically represent Coop's branding. The contemporary graphic design, created by Suan Conceptual Design, manages the balancing act between incorporating Coop's existing brand elements and differentiating the job portal as a unique touchpoint for current and potential employees. The design has successfully captured the essence of Coop as a company and ensured that the job portal reflects not only the job opportunities, but also the vibrant culture and values that Coop upholds.

Managing diversity in the Coop Group
Implementing a comprehensive redesign in a diverse company like Coop was no easy task. Collaboration with in-house IT played a crucial role in seamlessly integrating the new design into Coop's existing digital infrastructure. This collaboration extended not only to the online portal, but also to templates for social media, graphics, icons, images and films. Close collaboration with photographers and filmmakers ensured that every aspect of the redesign reflected Coop's commitment and design concept.


"Thanks to the creative support of the Suan team, we were able to design the Coop Group's new employer website in a modern and visually appealing way." Flavia Huwyler, Employer Branding Specialist at Coop

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