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Code of Conduct.
Visual appearance for the University of Basel’s collaboration culture.

The University of Basel is committed to creating a pleasant working environment for all employees and students. The Vice Rectorate People and Culture drafted a code of conduct for this purpose: The Code of Conduct textualizes the values for respectful cooperation at the university. SUAN created an animated key visual to accompany this guideline and also illustrated the content of the guidelines on flyers.


Key visual
Graphic design

Design elements

Values such as respect, trust, diversity, integrity, and inclusion are conveyed through simple visuals which guide you through animated clips as a means of orientation, point to the guidelines as social media content, or are used as intros and outtros for interviews on the culture of collaboration. The graphics manage the balancing act of blending seamlessly into the university’s corporate design and at the same time creating a unique look for the Code of Conduct.

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