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Artwork for the musician Guy Mandon.

With much pleasure and in close cooperation with the musician, we designed Guy Mandons record cover "Stream" and visuals for the singles "Kokosfett", "Lueg Doch Gnau" and "Memoryboy". «It is the debut of the electoral baseman Lucien Montandon, who already released music with the band Alt F4 and the solo project <Octanone> and moved across the country. He has written, recorded and produced almost everything on his own, but some tracks have also been formed and co-formed by studio musicians », writes mx3. Life is a stream!


Poster design

d gülle vom schraner
will mich ifange
sie isch hinder mir her
s gülleloch isch leer, leer, leer
Lyrics, d gülle vom schraner, Guy Mandon

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