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Close the circle.
Campaign for Sens eRecycling.

The foundations Sens and SLRS operate a pan-Swiss take-back system for electrical and electronic devices from various application areas (Sens) and light sources (SLRS). Thus, they ensure through the early recycling fee (vRG) for the benefit of our environment, a professional disposal of everyday equipment. An important part of the work of both foundations is the sensitization of consumers. In the 2017 campaign, SUAN is responsible for co-conception, project management and creative implementation.


Poster design
Web design
Digital media

TV-Spot: We love vRG

TV-Spot: vRG rocks

Visual element



Advertising concept

With the core message "close the circle", the foundations promote more solidarity with manufacturers and importers who support the eRecycling cycle with the Advance Recycling Fee (vRG). Consumers should be careful to buy their electrical and electronic household appliances from participating retailers, thus financing the take-back and recycling of the appliances through the ARF. Ambassadors from various milieus of consumers and traders are introducing the circular gesture throughout Switzerland.

Advertising media

A poster campaign aimed at the metropolitan areas was conceived. In order to appeal to younger target groups, flyers throughout Switzerland were placed through the Kulturbox network in the pre-installed displays of selected catering outlets.

Digital media

In order to reach the widest possible audience, e-boards were integrated into the campaign planning at the most important railway stations in Switzerland.

Web design

Additional information on eRecycling will be provided on a micro pageant with a raffle.


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