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People of the Stream’s Mouth.
Artwork for the band END.

In the development process of the visual identity for the album and tour “People of the Stream’s Mouth” of indie group END, we involved the band itself. In a workshop each member got the task to visualize each song. That’s how the raw material was created: five characters for each of the ten songs. These fifty characters were then synthesized and abstracted in a second step into ten hieroglyphs, which in turn were aligned with the grid of the band logo. Each song receives its unmistakable visual cipher. At the same time, the formal language is a reference to the substantial themes of the music, which creates a mystical, archaic counterworld to our loud, hectic everyday life.


Graphic design
Key visual

Logo and Grid


Title system


Print media

The supplement including all lyrics to “People of the Stream’s Mouth” was printed with Pantone gold on Lessebo and can be flipped through as a booklet, but also be spread out into a poster.

“Born in Alaska, born on the mainland
I am wandering in the woods,
in this peace and quiet, start digging, digging a hole.”
Alaska – END

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