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SUAN Conceptual Design GmbH
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New voting brochure.
Editorial design for the canton of Basel-Stadt.

In June 2018, we won the competition of the canton of Basel-Stadt for the redesign of the cantonal voting brochure with a convincing concept. In November of the same year, the Basel voters for the first time held the newly designed brochure in their hands. The new editorial design places special emphasis on clarity, reader guidance and accessibility.


Icon system
Color concept
Editorial design

Primary colors

Secondary colors


Editorial concept

A particular challenge was to keep a considerable amount of text clearly legible in a large font size, thus ensuring a high degree of accessibility. Through a harmonious color concept and specially developed icons for each voting template, we designed a guidance system that lets the reader know at any time which chapter he is in. In addition, the icons facilitate the preparation and deepening of the content on all communication channels. In the future, icons for communication in social media or on other digital channels can be animated.

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