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End of Holocene.
Artwork for the band END.

The end of the Holocene marks a turning point in the history of the earth. Humankind has long dominated the planet and changed it. They prove and map this themselves with glaring climate maps, curving graphs and geological categories. They see the world visualized in RGB through the eyes of their machines and stand wondering on the threshold of the next age. With their new EP, the Swiss band END approaches this theme in a mystical way and captivates the listener with a grainy, dense sound in “End of Holocene”. The outwardly simple visuals for the individual songs are based on a complex synthesis: islands of time, composed of chords and marking sound zones on a planet, whose boundaries are then blurred again, like the view from a distance on an alien planet that only reflects the highest contrasts.


Graphic design
Editorial design
Poster design
Key visual

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