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SUAN Conceptual Design GmbH
Güterstrasse 233, 4053 Basel, Switzerland, 
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Graphic design for the University of Basel.

The University of Basel sees itself as an organization that values ​​and promotes the diverse potential of its members, regardless of age, religion, gender, cultural background, sexual orientation and disability. The aim of diversity is to make the university universally non-discriminatory, gender-sensitive and family-friendly, as well as to noticeably increase the proportion of women at the higher qualification levels. In the course of renaming the Department of Equal Opportunities to Diversity, SUAN designed a variable, fresh key visual that blends in perfectly with the corporate design of the university.


Brand strategy
Graphic design
Corporate Design
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The color Mint is the defining element of the corporate design of the University of Basel. In terms of color branding, this recognition element is used as a title element of all media in the form of a "Brand Panel". The aim was to create a key visual that expresses the values ​​of diversity, is perfectly compatible with Mint and can also serve as a background for the titles of print media. The solution is the breaking up of the color mint as a symbol for the university into its pastel spectrum. The fluid and multi-layered visual shows the concept of diversity in abstract form and is easily adaptable to all media.

Digital applications

The key visual shows diversity in constant motion. On the multi-layered changeable surface, the colors change in the defined spectrum - reflecting the vibrancy and variety of the eponym Diversity. This active component is animated in all digital applications.

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