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The iF-Award 2020.
Wieland and Rotstift win again.

#Brand Strategy

Two of our cases win the iF Award 2020: the rebranding for Rotstift AG in the communication discipline and the wine bottle labels for Wieland AG in the packaging discipline. For the branding of Rotstift it is the second prize after the coveted Red Dot Award. For Wieland it was even the fourth, but this time the wine bottles were honoured in particular, which convinced the jury with the typographically simple labels and the partially lacquered shrink capsule.

The iF International Forum Design GmbH has organized one of the most famous design competitions every year since 1953 and is recognized worldwide as an award for excellent design. Every year, approximately 6000 entries from 70 countries are submitted.

The comprehensive cases can be seen on our website under references and are continuously updated there with new media. The projects are now published in somewhat shorter form in the iF World Design Guide, which is also organizing an exhibition in Berlin and in Chengdu, China.

Rotstift: iF World Design Guide

Wieland: iF World Design Guide

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