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Artachment - the publication.
It could be an anniversary.

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Artachment is one of Basel's smallest showrooms. A former customs house on the meadow bank in Kleinhüningen, which has been used by changing curators for ten years now. The jubilee should now be occasion to condense this miniature of artistic creation in Basel into a book. The review of the many projects with artists, curators and other art institutions is also a thanksgiving to all the parties involved. As a haptic archive, the book is a sustainable presentation of the artachment with an effect on the present and the future. The book contains a picture series specially developed by Viktor Korol and an insert about Roman Signer's exhibition in Artachment (July to September 2018).

Susanne von SUAN is here, to a large extent also honorary, together with the participants of the Artachment responsible in the conception and organization of this publication. To make the project possible, it still needs financial and non-material support.

So if you like to call a perfect and complete publication about the artachement, need a unique ringtone, look for drumming lessons or are interested in one of the other rewards, you can support the article under the following link:


A haptic archive

In July 2018 a special exhibition took place with the renowned Swiss artist Roman Signer. The documentation and editing of the exhibition will be the conclusion of the book and the publication, which will be printed next year. The book "Artachment" is intended as a witness to motivation and perseverance an enrichment for Basel's cultural landscape. At the same time, the space is located throughout Switzerland and explores photographically similar exhibition concepts, architectures or stories. These connections are called hinges in the project. Likewise, the Artachment as a place also flows into the design of the book. The hardcover opens window-like. Behind it are the topics around the house and also a catalog documentation of all previous exhibitions. The book is divided into three main themes. The publication opens with a greeting and an essay by Lena Friedli on the Artachment and its many actors and connections. Afterwards, a window opens again to the second part of the book, in which people and passers-by are interviewed by Raphael Bottazzini on the subject matter. Other contributions such as comparable places and the location of the Artachments in the Kunstraum Basel also find place here. Again, a pop-up window opens to the last part of the book, a catalog of all curators and exhibitions that took place in 2007 to date. The different years of the exhibition are differentiated in color. This makes it easier to find already familiar contents, the color will be visible in the section of the book. The horizontal 16-planking of the cottage becomes documentary with a division into four or five vertical elements (based on the building structure). This panorama conveys the vividness of the exhibitions in the book and captures the peculiarity of the place. Different image sizes, from full size to small, are possible and desirable. In addition, the exhibited artists can be found via a register entry at the beginning of this last part of the book.


Adrian Eiserlo, Adrian Suter, Agerim Weimer, Aida Ruilova, Alessandro Frigerio, Alexis Tsioris, Alfred Lenz, Aline Zeltner, Andy Boot, Angela Baumgartner, Angela Cerullo & Giorgio Bloch, Angelika Loderer, Anita Zumbühl, Anna Aaron, Anna Balint, Anna Diehl, Anna Hilti, Anna Kushnerova, Anna-Catharina Gebbers, Annegret Eisele, Annette Müller, Annika Larsson, April Elisabeth Lamm, Arlène Stebler, Aron Moulton, Audet, Aysa Stettler, Barbara Müller, Benjamin Tomasi, Bernhard Garnicing, Beuys Toys, Beuystoys & Mudisten, Bianca Pedrina, Big Papa Lorenzo, Bury the Jumbo - Community, Chantale Demierre, Chri Frautschi, Chris Thalmann, Christian Falsnaes, Christian Jankowski, Christian M. Studach, Christoph Franz, Christoph Keller, Christoph Schlingensief, Clare Kenny, Claudia Waldner, Constantin Luser, Csaba Vándor Curtat Tunnel, Lausanne, Daniela Caderas, Damian Jurt, Daniel Pflumm, Daniela Brugger, Daniela Petrini /BBLACKBOX, DAR, das weisse haus, Wien, Dawn Nilo, Deidre O’Leary, Die insekten, Domenico Billari, Duopunkt, Echolot Dub System, Elisa Fabbri, Elise Gettliffe, Emanuel Wadé, Emma Coates, Fabio Luks, Fabian Faltin, Fabian Hachen, Fabian Matz, Fidel Morf, Florian Thate, Frances Belser, Franz Stauffenberg, Galerie im Regierungsviertel / forgotten bar project, Berlin, Garrett Nelson, Gibs - Mir Family, Gregory Hari, Gregory Polony, Gruppo Tökmag, Hanes Sturzenegger, Harun Farocki, Hortense le Calvez, HU, Inka ter Haar, Irene Atmatzidis, Isadora Vogt, Jamie Williams, Jan van Oordt, Javier Puertas, Jochen Höller, Joep van Liefland, Judit Fischer, Judith Albrecht, Julia Minnig, Jumpei Shimada, K. Budha Tamás, Kaspar König, Katharina Sieverding, keck-kiosk, Klaus Auderer, Klaus Mettig, Kyrillos Sarris, Lars Monrad-Vaage, Lea Rüegg, Leander Schönweger, Léandre Thievent, Lena Kiß, Lia Sells Fish, Lokal-Int, Biel, Lorenza Diaz, Lucie Kunz, Lukas Keist, Lysann König, Manuel Guldimann, Manuel Schneider, Marc Bijl, Marc Hartmann, Marc Norbert Hörler, Marcel Reimer, Mareike Spalteholz, Marion Ritzmann, Marks Blond Project, Bern, Markus Hegi, Markus Müller, Markus Selg, Markus Stegmann, Martin Chramosta, Martin von Wartburg, Matina Kousidi, Melanie Kuratli, Meret Wandeler, Michael Hackel, Michael Meier, Michael Roggon, Mickry 3, Miklós Mécs, Mirjam Spoolder, Mischa Düblin, Misha Andris, Naoki Fuku, Naschi Pfefferli, Navid Tschopp, Nevin Aladag, Nienke Bodenheim, Nina Hebting, Njomza Sadikaj, Nöemi Siegfried, Olivia Wiederkehr, Orson Sieverding, Otmar Trost, Pascal Sidler, Patricia Murawski, Patrick Graf, Patrick Harter, Paul Takacs, Pawel Ferus, Pedro von Wirz, Pik Pik Pik, Pola Sieverding, Projektil Visual Art Experiences, Quature, RA, Antwerpen, ra:, Rainer Ganahl, Raphael Linsi, Raphaela Grolimund, Rebecca Feldmann, Regula Michell, Richard Ibghy & Marilou Lemmens, Riikka Tauriainen, Robert Gfader, Robin Michel, Roger Costa Vendrell, Roland Sutter, Romain Brau, Roman Blumenthal, Roth-Stauffenberg, Rubin van Kooyk, Samuel Spalinger, Salon Liz, Lichtenstein, Sara Lunden, Sarah Bernauer, Sascha Graf, Silvia Studerus, Simon Berz, Simon Hofmann, Simone Meier, So:ren Berner, Stefanie Thöny, Stella Geppert, Studio FKSE, Labor, Susanne Hofer, SZAF, Tábori András, Tales (my mother never told me), The Mudisten, Thylacine, Tim Wandelt, Tizian Baldinger, Tjorg Douglas Beer, Tobias Bernstrup, Tom Johnson, Tom Senn, Tomaz Gnus, Tutu M., Urs August, Virág Bogyó, Veronika Spierenburg, Viktor Korol, White Space, Zürich, Wendelin Pressl Wink Witholt, Wilhelm Schlatter, Yanik Soland, Yaniv Oron, Yolanda Esther Bürgi, Yorgos Sapountzis, Yota Tsotra, Zoé Hall

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