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Welcome to Baselland.
Tourist signalling on motorways.

#Graphic Design
#Brand Experience

The good old cherry tree that used to welcome visitors to Basel-Land Canton is no longer in use. ASTRA will now prescribe uniform regulations for tourist signposting throughout Switzerland, since, among other things, there will no longer be any white signs, but photography and a third of brown space will be used. Four years ago, we won the competition to design the new signs for Basel-Land Canton. Now we are pleased to announce that the first motifs have been put up.

"Es wächsle Berg und Täli so liebli mitenand"
Our basic idea for the main sign "Welcome to Baselland" comes from the Baselbieterlied. The line "Es wächsle Berg und Täli so liebli mitenand" inspired us to depict the landscape of the "Tafel- und Kettenjura" in a situation with colour perspective on the sign. The basic motif consists of a landscape photograph from the local Kettenjura. It was taken from the Geissfluh above Eptingen in the direction of Wisenberg. We integrated the brown colour area into this landscape in a graphically reduced way.

The central element in the foreground is the Baselbieterstab. The model of the Basel Bidder's baton is carved from local cherry wood and photographed in razor-sharp detail for large-format use. In the exit signs to the tourist attractions, an object is also placed in the foreground and the surrounding landscape is depicted in the background in subdued colours. Due to the reduced design of the images, the information conveyed can be quickly grasped by people passing by. The concept also takes into account traffic safety.

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