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SUAN Conceptual Design GmbH
Güterstrasse 233, 4053 Basel, Switzerland, 
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Defective Vending Machine.
Artwork for The Hoanhiêu.

Inspired by the analogue electronic music piece “Defective Vending Machine” by the Basel-based band The Hoanhiêu, an analogue film with digital reproductions was created.

The music clip for “Defective Vending Machine” from the Basel insider tip The Hoanhiêu (now Cinder Tapes) was created by a specially developed methodology for graphical notation. A sketchy storyboard was the basis for various experiments with Super 8 footage. The graphic system of sketches of abstract forms is realized in live-action film with found objects.


Editorial design
Graphic design
Key visual


The individual frames of the video were numbered and printed on recycled paper as a poster. From this material, we also designed the accompanying booklet; a second level with tracing paper distinguishes the analogue image material from the digital one. The CD case is also made exclusively of paper. It can be easily closed with a simple but clever folding system and also be folded out as a poster.

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