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The big electric spring cleaning.
Communication for Sens eRecycling.

#Brand Experience

The cute mascot of the SENS eRecycling Foundation, the scrap metal octopus, explains how the eRecycling cycle actually works under the motto: "The big electric spring cleaning". For the month of April we developed this communication measure in cooperation with dreifive, building on last year's social media communication. "Verzell doch kei Schrott": Short, entertaining explanatory videos show what the proper disposal of electronic waste does and how the sophisticated recycling system in Switzerland preserves important raw materials that would otherwise be lost. In addition, a competition invites you to share a personal story about spring cleaning with text, photos or video. There will be a prize draw for two spring-cleaning campaigns worth CHF 500 each, which can be entered into the competition via Facebook and the SENS website until the end of April.

to the big electric spring cleaning

Sens eRecycling

The Sens Foundation is an independent, neutral and non-profit, charitable foundation and presents itself to the outside world with the Sens eRecycling brand. As an expert in the sustainable recycling of used electrical and electronic equipment, light sources and lamps, the foundation makes a decisive contribution to setting forward-looking standards in e-recycling..

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