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Hello Verena.
Our new co-worker at SUAN


We are pleased that with Verena Huber we can expand our competencies in the field of strategic brand management even further. So that you can all get to know her a little better, she briefly introduces herself:

“A product can be quickly outdated, but a successful brand is timeless.” – Stephen King

“Start with why” by Simon Sinek matured over the years into a reference for value-based brands. Alignment of purpose, mission, vision and values drives brand alignment. To me, it is the fountain of youth for brands. It represents the core of a brand, it stands out, it is recognizable and it points the way. In brand management, we use brand guidelines to define the brand's appearance and voice and make it recognizable. But above all, people and their actions breathe value into a brand by making the values of a brand tangible through their behavior. As a brand strategist, it is my passion to accompany brands on their way and to create a consistent experience with their core, their “why”, again and again, that touches.

Since my first internship in a tourism destination organization in Austria, I have been passionate about merging creativity with consistency around a distinctive why. What I couldn't name at the time later became graspable to me under the term brand strategy. In 2021, I completed training as a supervisor. Accompanying people and organizations in discovering their why, their values and their meaning gives me particular pleasure in my work as a brand consultant.

Welcome Verena

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