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Many thanks to all sailors!
A short review of the SUAN summer party.


After work it was "Ahoy summer!" on the MS Evolutie. The nautical excursion to Kleinhüningen was worthwhile despite the initial storm. Together with our customers, friends and partners we toasted and celebrated over seven years of good relations. A short report for those who stayed at home.

We caught it – summer – before it moves on. Although the initial downpour hit us hard while we were setting up on the MS Evolutie. We had to quickly move the just placed appetizers back into the belly of the ship and moor the rest because of the wind. Will people come despite this storm? After only half an hour, however, the sun shone down on us again and the Rhine calmed down. At 18.30, the party was able to pick up speed and the first champagne was distributed. 

The party on the MS Evolutie was basically planned more than 2 years ago. In exchange for a small corporate design, we were able to get our party ready on the ship. But Covid threw a spanner in the works. Although the virus is still rampant, the two hardest pandemic years with few personal contacts are now over. So we were especially happy to see faces we haven't seen in a while. But also about our current customers and clients showing up: Thank you for being on board!

We are often asked about the name of our agency. Some immediately come up with the solution, others wonder how we came up with this fantasy word. Or is it a distant city? A certain language? Urban Dictionary gives us some funny and partly fitting(?) answers. We gave them to you in the belly of the ship and asked you: What do you think the word means? We were able to collect these results (picture below). Afterwards, you could take a picture of yourself as a SUANER at the photobooth next.

Kunsttage Basel and a Publication
All who were present at 8 p.m. were promised a surprise in the matter of art. And also kept! On the occasion of the Kunsttage Basel, the Artachment Artspace Basel, five minutes away, was able to come up with several program items. Parallel to the SUAN Summer Festival, it showed two permanent works of art. Moreover, it organized an exclusive preview of Saturday's Book Launch for SUAN's guests. Namely, it was about the book "Artachment - It could be a Jubilee": a project that SUAN co-sponsored and volunteered to create for almost 4 years. The retrospective of the place and the art space contains all the exhibitions that have taken place in this art space since 2012. It was also the very first time SUANers were able to touch the 700-page book. The publication comes in a wooden case with a green copper border, which is inspired by a miniature of the old customs house that houses the Artspace. Aside from the publication, we were able to behold the works "Schein" by Thylacine and the work "Platz ist in der kleinsten Hütte. Für was? Zum Fliegen natürlich." by Roman Signer. After the excursion, we were back to the now nocturnal ship for a Negroni, Strawberry Mojito or Whiskey Sour.

Thank you and until next time
Many thanks to Captain Steven Leisenberg for providing the ship and also to Attila who accompanied the party. Many thanks to all the Suaner staff for helping with the intensive preparation of various appetizers. Many thanks to Victor from Barty for the fine cocktails and drinks and for holding out when the spirits were almost blown away by the wind at the beginning. Merci to Patisserie Riss for the very fine desserts, and above all thanks to you, dear guests, for honoring us!

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